Asia Campus Board of Directors


University of Utah Board of Trustees
Taylor Randall, President, University of Utah


  • Brian Gibson, Chief Global Officer (President UAC NPO and Chair)
  • Michael Hardman, Special Assistant to OGE (President Emeritus UAC NPO)
  • Martell Teasley, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Jai Lee, Representative of the University of Utah South Korea Alumni Association
  • Cathy Anderson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lori McDonald, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Erin Rothwell, Vice President for Research
  • Robert Payne, Deputy General Counsel (ex-officio)
  • Alice Whitacre, Office of the General Counsel (ex-officio)


  • Greg Hill, UAC Chief Administrative Officer
  • Randall McCrillis, Dean of Students


  • Robert Muir, Executive Director, Debt and Asset Management & UAC Financial Operations (Chair), Administrative Services
  • Steven Lacey, Chief, Division of Public Health, Department of Family & Preventive Medicine
  • Cecilia Wainryb, Professor & UAC Program Director, Department of Psychology
  • Andrew Nelson, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Film and Media Studies
  • Michael Hardman, Special Assistant to the Office for Global Engagement
  • Brian Gibson, Chief Global Officer
  • LuMing Mao, Professor and Chair, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
  • Greg Hill, UAC CAO and Dean of Faculty
  • Randy McCrillis, UAC Dean of Students
  • Kent Ono, Professor, Department of Communication
  • Steve Robinson, Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Robert Payne, Deputy General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Stacy Harwood, Professor and Chair, Department of City and Metropolitan Planning
  • Florian Solzbacher, Professor and Department Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Alice Whitacre, Associate Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Cheri Daily, Executive Director, Global Program Development, Marketing & Communication
  • Chong Oh, Professor, Department of Operations & Information Systems
  • Marlene Plumlee, Professor and Chair, School of Accounting

Please address all Directors mail to:

The University of Utah,
Office for Global Engagement,
260 Central Campus Dr, Room 3105
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Contact Information

260 Central Campus Dr, Room 3105
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Tel: 801-587-8889

Meeting Schedule and Agenda

The University of Utah Asia Campus NPO Board of Directors meets once a year. Meetings are held each August/September. The location, time, and date will be posted no later than three business days prior to the meeting.

2022 Meeting

Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Office for Global Engagement


2022 Agenda


Minutes will be approved and posted after the next board meeting

September 2021

Audio available
Approved minutes

Past Board of Trustees

Arnold Combe

Vice President for Administrative Services,
April 16,2014 – April 16, 2017

Sabine Klahr

Secretary to the Board of Directors & Associate Chief Global Officer,
April 16,2014 - September 30 ,2016

In Suk Han

President of the Board of Directors,
April 16,2014-June 29, 2015