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Korean High School Students Engage in Intensive Research Projects with University of Utah Faculty

For 8 Korean high school students, this summer offered an opportunity most undergraduate students would kill for, the chance to work one on one with University of Utah faculty on an intensive research project in the field of their choice.

 The global internship that made this possible was put together as a partnership between the University of Utah and Incheon International High School in South Korea.

 This is only one of the many ongoing academic relationships the University of Utah has fostered since the partnership with the U Asia Campus began in 2014.

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The U celebrates six students receiving prestigious Fulbright scholarships

Six University of Utah students who received highly competitive Fulbright awards for 2015 will be celebrated for their accomplishments. Three graduate and three undergraduate students will present their plans for their awards and provide valuable insight about the detailed application process.
The prestigious awards will allow the undergraduate students to teach English in Romania, Argentina and Mexico for one academic year, while the graduate students will lead research projects in Chile, Switzerland and Uruguay.  

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Winners of Inaugural Awards for Global Engagement and GLAD Grants Announced

The Office for Global Engagement [OGE] is pleased to announce that the first inaugural Awards for Global Engagement have been given to Janet Thiess, Director of the University of Utah’s Asia Center, and Juan Carlos Claudio, of the Modern Dance Department.
Sabine Klahr, Deputy Chief Global Officer of the University of Utah was pleased with the opportunity to finally make the Award for Global Engagement a reality, with it’s emphasis on making internationally significant impact both on and off the university campus. This marked the first year that the Award for Global Engagement was offered.

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 GLAD Grants

2015 UGRAD Re-Entry Workshop Gives a Taste of Utah to International Students

International Student and Scholar Services and the University of Utah were pleased to host 2015’s UGRAD Re-Entry Workshop for international students studying in the U.S. in partnership with The Department of State’s World Learning Program.
The workshop, which ran from April 1-3, 2015, hosted 83 participants from countries including Yemen, Pakistan, India, Oman, Nigeria, Uganda, and more.

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College of Architecture and Planning Student Nominated for National Undergraduate Research Award

University of Utah student Colton Groves, from the College of Architecture and Planning, has been named the 2015 recipient of The Forum on Education Abroad’s Undergraduate Research Award.
The Undergraduate Research Award is an honor reserved for the most rigorous and impressive undergraduate research done in a learning abroad setting each year, with typically only one or two nominations being accepted from each university across the country.

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2015 Undergraduate Research Award Nominee

Bringing Global Impact Home: Learning Abroad through University of Utah

Few opportunities present students a better chance to diversify their skills and experiences than the ability to study in a foreign country.

The Learning Abroad program helms the University of Utah's credit-bearing programs outside of the United States, and presents students with the option to study in a foreign country for a period as short as one week to as long as a year.

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The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program offers “an international scholarship with an ambitious goal: to increase mutual understanding and support friendly and peaceful relations between the people of the United States and the people of other countries,” as described by the Fulbright website. Recipients of this prestigious and honorable award are also funded to travel to a foreign country to teach and do research.

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Scholarly Asylum: Scholar Rescue Fund comes to the University of Utah

For those whose very lives are threatened by the pursuit of knowledge things can often seem very dire. In countries such as Syria, Iraq, Columbia, and Nigeria, the very act of scholarly research can often put a person as well as their family, at risk of death or persecution. In an effort to mitigate this, the Institute of International Education founded the Scholar Rescue Fund 10 years ago to get these persecuted university faculty out of their home countries and to the safety of host institutions around the world where they can continue their work.

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Spreading the Knowledge: Books for Mongolia

“I had always dreamed of building a library,” Otgonbayar Orchirbat said.

Orchirbat, known among his friends as Oodoo, is a third year, international student at the University of Utah, and one of the two minds behind the Books for Mongolia project that has seen more than 1,000 books sent to educational institutions across Mongolia.

Oodoo along with Chimedyudon Tsoldelger, known as Yudko, helped to pioneer the new student led initiative in part because they were grateful for the opportunity that had been provided them by studying here at the University of Utah.

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Mongolian Alumni Club Provides Ease of Transition for International Students

Imagine for a moment that you are in a foreign country. Not only are you in an environment that it entirely new to you, but your there to study, to excel in a college environment while adapting to all the new cultural aspects of your new home. Now imagine doing it alone.

This was the exact situation University of Utah Mongolian Alumni Association president Onon found herself in when she first began attending the university during her undergraduate career.

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