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Arts & Humanities Top Stories

  • Chamber Choir Prepares to Perform at the China International Choral Festival

    The University of Utah Chamber Choir is known for its impeccable intonation and unique ringing tone quality. Under the direction of Barlow Bradford, the Chamber Choir has travelled nationally and internationally participating in festivals and competitions, including the European Choral Gran Prix Choral Competition in 2015, where they came in first place. This year the choir has accepted an invitation to be one of four headlining choirs to be featured in the China International Choral Festival in Beijing. This is the largest choral festival by far in China, and of the four choirs invited, they are the only one from the United States.

  • Music and Global Health Go Hand in Hand

    “The world’s most famous and popular language is music,” South Korean rapper and songwriter Psy has said. It is also increasingly recognized as the world’s most accessible medicine, in part due to the diligent efforts of two of Utah’s own. Seven months ago, Grzegorz Bulaj, an associate professor in medicinal chemistry, and Juan Diego High School junior Karl Schriewer published an article in Frontiers in Public Health advocating for music’s therapeutic value: They envision a Pandora or Spotify-like streaming service that uses an algorithm to select songs and musical pieces based on the mental health needs of the listener – happy and uplifting music with a positive valence for those struggling with depression, and relaxing for those in the throes of an anxiety attack, for instance. The music-streaming channel would also reflect the listener’s as well as the region’s musical preference.

  • The DLI bridge program and the student cohort visiting the U

    The Bridge Program offers an advanced language pathway for high school students who have passed the Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Culture Exam, ‘bridging’ the gap between completion of the exam and higher education. Though designed as the continuation of Utah’s successful dual language immersion (DLI) program (established in 2008 and currently serving more than 30,000 students), the program's reach extends to heritage speakers and any student who passes the AP exam prior to their final year of high school. The Bridge Program promotes equity and access to bilingual and bicultural citizenship in Utah by offering rigorous, upper division university language and culture courses for students in grades 9-12.

  • Assessment Reveals Lasting Impact of University of Utah’s Past Partnership with China

    International dealings with China, especially in the academic realm tend to be rather rare. International partnerships on the scale of the University of Utah’s Master’s in Public Administration [MPA] exchange that took place from January 2008 to May 2013 are simply unheard of.

  • Something to Sing About

    The University of Utah Chamber Choir won what is considered by some as the world championship of amateur choral art, the European Choral Grand Prix. The competition includes choirs from all across the globe and has an international jury made up of judges from six different countries.

  • Director of Panama Dance and Cultural Exchange Receives Global Engagement Award

    The sounds of Michael Bublé’s “Sway” echo just outside of the Sorensen Arts and Education Complex’s main floor auditorium. Just inside, Juan Carlos Claudio, Assistant Professor of the Department of Modern Dance, is certainly swaying, but not to a traditional Tango, and not in front of a traditional university class.

  • Fulbright Specialist brings University Preservation Standards to National Library of Uzbekistan

    What does it truly mean to preserve history? Not just the preservation of knowledge, but the preservation of history, the hand-written texts that are scrawled across vellum manuscripts that pre-date our own American history by centuries? This type of preservation is exactly the sort of work University of Utah Preservation Librarian Randy Silverman engages in on a regular basis, and was the focus of his most recent work in Uzbekistan through the Fulbright Specialist Program. Silverman first visited Uzbekistan in November 2013 through the U.S. Embassy, where he worked with the National Library of Uzbekistan’s staff through a series of lectures and workshops. During his trip he was introduced to the idea of returning to Uzbekistan to aid in preservation through the U.S. Embassy who suggested the project would be an ideal fit for the Fulbright Specialist program.

  • Bringing about Lasting Change: A Literacy Revolution in Botswana, Africa

    Opportunities to make lasting changes within the educational systems of foreign countries don’t come along very often. So when the opportunity arose for Megan Peterson, an intervention specialist with the University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC), to partner with a non-profit in Botswana, Africa she leapt at the chance to make a significant impact in their literacy program. In July 2013, Peterson was able to partner with Stepping Stones International (SSI), a non-profit organization based out of Mochudi, Botswana, in order to bring the UURC’s literacy training to a country that was facing an education crisis at the time.

  • U.S. Department of Education Grants bring Diversity to University of Utah International and Area Studies

    A recent pair of grants offered to the Asia Center [AC] and the Center for Latin American Studies [CLAS] here at the University of Utah will be providing a significant boost to international and area studies. Marking the second time that a National Resource Center [NRC] at the University of Utah has received a Title VI Educational Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, this year the university received, not one, but two highly competitive grants for both the AC and CLAS National resource Centers as well as grants for Foreign Language and Area Studies [FLAS] fellowships.

  • ‘Kingsbury Hall Presents’: Bringing International Diversity to the Stage

    The Kingsbury Hall Presents program has existed at the University of Utah for more than 14 years and has helped to bring both international and domestic performers to the Salt Lake valley, from international dance performances to Broadway hits. As successful as the Presents program has been, Brooke Horejsi, Executive Director of Kingsbury Hall Performing Arts Center and Assistant Dean of the College of Fine Arts, has even bigger plans for its future through the incorporation of the Global Arts Series.

Last Updated: 2/6/18