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Global U Top Stories

  • Experience Abroad Pays Off

    “I really didn’t intend to learn abroad in college,” said Beth Laux. “But I had a political science professor who was adamant that I apply to a program in Costa Rica during my sophomore year.” This year marks the 50th anniversary of Learning Abroad at the U. In the past 50 years, the program has grown to include over 500 programs in more than 65 countries. The most current data shows that over 600 students participated in learning abroad programs in the 2015-2016 school year. This includes students from over 100 majors.

  • What you don't know about Learning Abroad

    Students do not think they will be able to study abroad for many reasons. It’s either too expensive, they can’t fit it in their schedules or they think it will be a waste of time with no academic presence. Below, two students discuss the financial and language barrier myths surrounding learning aboard programs.

  • Engineering Solutions to Africa's Water Crisis

    “I have the best job in the world,” says Dr. Scott Benson as he begins to describe his journey from being an environmental engineer, to a medical doctor, to working on the front lines of public health in the developing world. “My work allows me to deal with the whole spectrum of human health. As a doctor, I can treat the patient. As an engineer, I can examine and reorganize the systems so that people don’t get sick in the first place.” Dr. Benson learned this approach to dealing with public health through working on the ground in the Dominican Republic, Peru, India, Pakistan, and most extensively in Ghana. He now serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine specializing in infectious disease.

  • Sowing Seeds of Justice

    On Friday, Oct. 20, world-renowned scientist and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva spent the day on the University of Utah’s campus. The main purpose of her visit was a powerful lecture to more than 600 people at Libby Gardner concert hall describing sustainable farming practices and sharing insights into how learning to coexist with the earth can better inform our coexistence with each other. In addition to the public lecture, Shiva shared ideas and meals with university students, faculty and community members. Her day began with students who filled the Sustainability Office to ask questions about creating sustainable futures, protecting the rights of farmers to breed and exchange seeds, and learn how to ground themselves through self-care.

  • University of Utah Asia Campus successfully hosts ‘The 4th Annual Alumni Event’

    The alumni event, which has been held for the 4th time, was arranged to ensure cooperation and unity and promote amity and concordance among Korean alumni of University of Utah. The alumni event held this year received attention as it issued ‘Passing the Torch’ as its main theme. The theme celebrates University of Utah’s involvement in the 2002 US Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and the involvement of UAC undergraduates at the Olympic Broadcasting Services of Pyeonchang Winter Olympics. The University of Utah Asia Campus also delivered the message of superiors imparting hope and encouragement to the younger generation.

  • Social Work in Myanmar

    As the country of Myanmar transforms itself after five decades of military rule, the University of Utah is stepping up to fill a critical need for social workers. The U’s College of Social Work and Asia Center — in partnership with St. Aloysius Gonzaga Institute of Higher Studies — are providing an online, social work certificate program to students in Myanmar (aka Burma). It’s the first phase in a long-term plan to help the institute develop an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in education and social work.

  • U Prepares for Second Year of Pac-12 China Coaches Program with Trip to China

    On Sept. 18, the Office of Global Engagement at the University of Utah will welcome 70 collegiate coaches from China to participate in a training and education program for three months. Sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and the Federation University Sports China, the coaches will work with U athletics staff on techniques in men and women’s basketball and track and field. This will be the second year the U has participated in the program, which is part of the Pac-12 Globalization Initiative.

  • How to find the Best Study Abroad for U

    Studying abroad can be a great way for undergraduate students to earn credit while on the adventure of a lifetime, but many students don’t know where to start, especially if they are in a tailored program like the arts. I teamed up with the faculty in the Learning Abroad office to get answers to questions every arts student may have about their options when it comes to learning abroad.

  • Honoring Faculty/Staff Excellence in Global Education Awards

    The winners of the 2017 Excellence in Global Education Awards were recognized in April during the Office for Global Engagement’s (OGE) annual awards reception. OGE established the award to recognize extraordinary and long-term staff and faculty contributions to the university’s global dimension and those who have demonstrated excellence in facilitating global learning and intercultural understanding. This may include international partnership development that engages students, curriculum revision to include global learning outcomes, advancement of the learning of languages, and other initiatives that provide significant opportunities for global learning either on campus or abroad. It may also include providing support or mentoring to international students or students participating in learning abroad programs.

  • Oxford Human Rights Consortium

    The refugee crisis may seem far from the shores of our Great Salt Lake, but six Utes are about to travel to Thessaloniki to spend ten days working with refugees, staff and stakeholders to do their part in this humanitarian disaster. The “Refugee Policy and Global Ethics” work/study visit will be preceded by lectures and meetings in Geneva with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the International Organization for Migrants, among others, as part of a two-and-a-half week summer seminar organized by the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights.

Last Updated: 2/6/18