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Mission Statement

OGE provides campus-wide leadership and coordination in support of University of Utah global initiatives, partnerships, and programs. Our mission is to facilitate transformative global learning, innovative scholarship, and cross-cultural engagement opportunities for all students and faculty, and to promote intercultural competence and understanding. OGE provides the infrastructure for the University to become a hub of collaboration across academic disciplines and with partnering organizations to transform teaching and learning, scholarship, and service in the context of addressing pressing issues in a complex and interconnected world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for the University of Utah to become a global leader in transformative learning, scholarship, and cross-cultural engagement. Through the strong commitment and vast expertise of our faculty, staff, and students, the University seeks to generate new knowledge and advance understanding of the world in the 21st century.

Core Values

Opportunities for Global Learning and Scholarship: We believe that global learning is at the heart of the U’s future as a research and teaching university. Every student whether domestic or international, must have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to live, learn, and work in a global context and multicultural society. Every faculty member should be provided the opportunity to engage individually, as well as with students and colleagues, in cross-cultural teaching, scholarship and engagement that advances knowledge and understanding of the world in the 21st century.

Responsibility to Promote Intercultural Competence and Understanding: We believe that it is the responsibility of the U through it leaders, academic units, research institutes, and centers to promote an understanding that every culture has value, and that cultural diversity as a component of the academic experience is an asset to engaging in an interconnected and complex world.

Make a Difference: We believe that as Utah’s flagship university and an internationally recognized institution of higher education, the U must engage in teaching and research activities that make a difference in the lives of people within the state, nation, and around the world. Making a difference is a shared responsibility that cuts across traditional academic silos and requires a unique contribution from every discipline on campus.

Collaboration as a Catalyst for Growth and Change: We believe that expanding opportunities for global learning and scholarship, gaining intercultural competence and understanding, and making a difference in the global community will only be achieved through an ethic of collaboration both within the university and in partnership with other institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and non-governmental entities. Tapping into the collective wisdom of those committed to global engagement is the most effective means to achieve the desired results.

Last Updated: 1/4/18