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Global U Council

Global U Council


The Global U Council includes globally engaged faculty and OGE staff at the U. The Council meets twice each semester and meetings are open to all faculty interested in attending. The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Develop a network of globally engaged faculty across campus who share information on international initiatives and programs in their Colleges as well as opportunities for collaboration on research, grant opportunities, and learning abroad.
  • Provide advice and perspectives from around campus to OGE regarding global priorities and challenges and assist OGE in developing proposals to eliminate existing barriers or create structures that will allow the U to become a globally recognized institution, offer transformative global learning opportunities, and become a hub of global activity
  • Assist OGE in developing data and information accessible to all in the university community regarding the U’s global engagement and activities
  • Serve as a “sounding board” and provide feedback to OGE regarding programs managed by OGE and global priorities
  • In collaboration with OGE, develop a “global plan” outlining internationalization priorities and goals for the U.

The Global U Council meets quarterly.  For additional information, please contact Sabine Klahr,

The Global U Council is working on the document Draft Case Statement for Comprehensive Internationalization at the University of Utah designed to provide a frame work for comprehensive internationalization at the U that outlines major target areas and priorities that any college or academic department can adopt and under which any unit can develop its own global strategy. We hope to finalize this document in Fall 2017 and focus on priority goals. For each goal, we will assess what is currently in place and how to address any gaps.

Global U Council Members:




Alberto, Lourdes Associate Professor English, Ethnic Studies
Alder, Steve Professor Division of Public Health
Archuleta, Elizabeth Ann Academic Program Manager Ethnic Studies
Banuri, Tariq Professor Economics Department
Baruch, Shmuel Associate Professor Finance Department
Benson, Scott Adjunct Instructor Infectious Disease-SOM
Bridegam, Sean Global Risk Manager Office for Global Engagement
Bringard, Alicen Associate Director, Research & Science Division of Public Health
Brown, Richard B. Dean Engineering
Burbank, Mary Assistant Dean Education
Burian, Steven Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Butt, Darryl P. Dean Mines and Earth Sciences
Butters, Rob Utah Criminal Justice Center Director Social Work
Cutting, Amy Professor College of Nursing
Daily, Cheri Director, External Relations & Development  Office for Global Engagement
Dowling, Paul Assistant Professor Marketing-DESB 
Dulfano, Isabel Associate Professor World Languages and Cultures
Edmund, Fong Associate Professor Political Science, Ethnic Studies
Fanning, Darby Lorraine Associate Librarian Marriott Library- Operations
Francis, Leslie Professor Law
George, Erika Professor Law
Gerritsen-McKane, Ruth Associate Professor (Lecturer) College of Social Work
Gerstenberger, Katharina Professor and Chair World Languages and Cultures
Goel, Ramesh Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gopinath, Shyam Assistant Professor Marketing-DESB 
Grace, Kathryn Assistant Professor Geography 
Green-Rogers, Martine Kei  Assistant Professor Theatre
Gren, Lisa Assistant Professor Oncology
Guiora, Amos Professor (Lecturer) Law
Hardman, Michael Chief Global Officer Office for Global Engagement
Hofmann, Tobias Assistant Professor Political Science
Holzner, Claudio A. Associate Professor/Director Political Science/Center for Latin American Studies
Howell, David Information Technology Specialist Office for Global Engagement
Hower, Lewis Impact Investing School of Business Centers
Johnson, Bill Professor Geology & Geophysics
Jordan, Cecil T. Associate Professor and Chair Writing and Rhetoric
Kamimura, Akiko Associate Professor Sociology Department
Klahr, Sabine Associate Chief Global Officer Office for Global Engagement
Korinek, Kim Associate Professor/Associate Director Sociology Department/Asia Center
Laux, Beth Director for Learning Abroad Office for Global Engagement
Lehman, Howard Professor/Director Political Science/Fulbright Program
Lewis, Bethany Instructor (Clinical) Dermatology
Lewis, Michael A. Associate Professor (Lecturer) Accounting
Lindquist, Karin Associate Professor Entrepreneurship & Strategy 
Locher, Mimi Assistant Professor and Chair Architecture & Planning
Macfarlan, Shane Assistant Professor Anthropology
McBeth, Courtney Director, Research & Science Sorenson Impact Center 
McCormack, Wayne Professor Law
Mills, Jonathan Visiting Assistant Professor School of Architecture
Negrette, Juan Carlos Director of Global Health SVP for Health Sciences
Nelson, Michael G. Professor Mining Engineering
Ono, Kent Alan  Professor Communication
Ott, Steven Professor MPA and MIAGE
Parker, Mark Associate Dean School of Business
Penney, Debra Associate Professor (Clinical) College of Nursing
Pickett, Scott Warren Professor (Lecturer) Accounting
Portillo, Jesse Assistant Professor (Clinical) Theatre
Schultz, Catherine Instructor (Clinical) College of Nursing
Shah, Jennifer Assistant Professor Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Shipley, Gina Nelson National Program Manager Hinckley Institute of Politics
Shoaf, Kimberly Professor Family and Preventive Medicine
Steele, Brent J. Professor Political Science
Sukovic, Masha Visiting Assistant Professor  
Theiss, Janet M. Director, Asia Center Associate Professor History
VanDerslice, Jim Research Associate Professor Division of Public Health
Watt, Jennifer Assistant Professor Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Watzinger-Tharp, Johanna Associate Professor Linguistics
Weber, Jennifer Assistant Professor (Lecturer) School of Dance
Welch, Buzz Associate Professor (Lecturer) Finance Department- DESB
Wetterberg, Cristi-Cara Colleen Development Specialist Communication  
Zheng, Robert Associate Professor Educational Psychology


Last Updated: 8/18/17