University of Utah Asia Campus NPO Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

  • Martha Bradley, Dean Undergraduate Studies Senior Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Phil Clinger, University of Utah Trustee
  • John Nixon, Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Chris Ireland, Interim Chief Global Officer (co-chair)
  • Michael Hardman, Special Assistant (Chair and President UAC NPO)
  • Sae Young Kim, President, University of Utah South Korea Alumni Association
  • Barbara Snyder, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Andy Weyrich, Vice President for Research
  • Robert Payne, Office of General Counsel (ex-officio)
  • Alice Whitacre, Office of General Counsel (ex-officio)
  • Daniel Reed, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Please address all Directors mail to:

The University of Utah,
Office for Global Engagement,
201 Presidents Circle, Room 306,
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Secretary to the Board of Directors

Kari Ellingson

Associate Vice President, Student Development/Research

200 Central Campus Dr, Room 270
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Tel: 801-587-9600

Contact Information

Natalie Lam

Administrative & Finance Manager, Office for Global Engagement

201 Presidents Circle, Room 306
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Tel: 801-587-8889

Last Updated: 8/15/18