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U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water | Water Security for the 21st Century from U Water Center on Vimeo.

The U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water is training a new generation of engineers and water professionals in order to solve the water security challenges of the twenty-first century.


Dr. Chris Ireland
Interim Chief Global Officer

Cheri Daily
Director, External Relations
Editor, Global U Newsletter

chris Ireland

Dr. Chris Ireland

Welcome Dr. Chris Ireland, New Interim Chief Global Officer

Dr. Chris Ireland, the new chief global officer for the university, has spent a good portion of his life living on the opposite side of the world. He’s lived, studied, worked, conducted research, interacted with and educated local students everywhere he’s been. This experience gives him a unique perspective when it comes to thinking globally.


The Annual Oxford Human Rights Consortium

The Oxford Human Rights Consortium is a partnership between Oxford University and several US universities, three of which are PAC-12 schools, including the University of Utah. Each year a select group of Utah students participates in the week-long workshop at Oxford University in March on topics of peace, conflict, and human rights. Students stay at Hertford College and the workshop takes place at Merton College, which is one of the three oldest of Oxford colleges.


US - Pakistan, water

USAID - Pakistan


“More confidence and better communication skills” are two things Sorth Ansari will take home with her when she heads back to Pakistan at the end of this semester. Ansari is one of six visiting scholars studying with the U Water Center. Back home, she and her peers are engineering graduate students at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology—the U’s partner institution for the USAID-backed U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies in Water. But for a transformative eight weeks here in Utah, they’re expanding their scope and becoming entrepreneurs—immersed in the purpose of bringing applied innovation to the world’s water crisis.

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Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles


Last Spring, U of U Learning Abroad alumni and Learning Abroad Outreach Intern, Paul Bowles, was selected as one of five students to speak on a student panel at the Diversity Abroad Conference – the most comprehensive national forum on issues of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education. After submitting an essay and receiving a letter of recommendation from Learning Abroad here at the U, Paul was chosen out of a competitive pool of applicants from across the country.

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Last Updated: 11/1/18