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Student Travel Registration

All University of Utah students participating in University-affiliated international activities are required to register their travel with the University.  Travel registration provides students access to international medical insurance coverage, travel assistance, and emergency evacuation services available for U students abroad.


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Student travel registration is required for a broad range of student travel, including students travelling internationally for the purposes of:

  • Participating in University of Utah sponsored or affiliated international student programs**
  • Conducting independent research abroad related to their academic degree plan
  • Attending and/or presenting at international conferences
  • Traveling abroad as a member of an ASUU student group or organization
  • Participating in internships or service learning opportunities organized or sponsored by a University of Utah representative

**All students participating in recognized Learning Abroad and Eccles Global programs are automatically registered with the University. All student participants in these programs will receive confirmation of travel registration and insurance enrollment in the weeks before their program begins, and no action is necessary on their part to complete University travel registration. Questions or issues regarding this should be directed to Learning Abroad or Eccles Global.

NOTE: All University of Utah students are strongly encouraged to maintain their U.S. (domestic) health insurance coverage while abroad, in the event that medical treatment for injuries or illness inside the United States is necessary (or desired) during the course of their time abroad.

Know before you go

Questions? Contact the Global Risk Manager.


Emergencies Abroad

+1 312 935 1703
+1 801 585 COPS

Last Updated: 12/11/18