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The University of Utah Permanent Travel Safety and Insurance Rule (2018) requires all University travelers to enroll in University of Utah Group International Health Insurance Coverage.

University of Utah international insurance coverage is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) and contains (4) principal elements:

  1. CISI Health Insurance for travelers (Accident and Sickness)
  2. Team Assist (AXA) 24/7 Traveler Assistance (Medical, Travel and Technical)
  3. Emergency Medical and Security Evacuation
  4. International Travel Health and Safety Intelligence

Review the information below for detailed information about each component

University of Utah travelers can review the following documents for common questions regarding insurance policy coverage, benefits and claims.

University of Utah travelers have 24/7 access to medical, security and travel assistance provided though Team Assist (AXA).  Team Assist representatives can be reached by phone or email at any time in order to provide emergency assistance or support.

After registering their international travel, University of Utah student travelers are provided instructions for self-enrollment in University coverage.  Students pay charges for insurance coverage and travel support at the time of their self-enrollment.

  • Student rates are calculated weekly for the travel up to 3 weeks in length
  • Student rates are calculated monthly for travel longer than 21 days
University of Utah International Insurance Enrollment Charges
Enrollment Dates  Rate Calculation Charges
1-7 days   Weekly Rate ($10)  $10.55
8-14 days   Weekly Rate  $21.10
15-21 days   Weekly Rate  $31.65
22-35 days   Monthly Rate ($39.25)  $41.25
36-65 days   Monthly Rate  $82.50
66+ days      Monthly Rate  $41.25 per month
University of Utah traveler enrollment in CISI insurance coverage provides access to an online portal (“myCISI”) through which policy holders are able to quickly access insurance policy tools and support including Policy ID Cards, Consulate Letters, Extended Coverage and Travel Intelligence.  All student travelers will receive "myCISI" Portal login information after they complete their University travel registration.
All student travelers have the ability to enroll dependents (spouses and children) in University insurance coverage after they have completed their travel registration. Dependent enrollment is obtained by completing and submitting a Dependent Enrollment Form. Charges vary depending on the relationship to the primary University traveler.
University travelers interested in leisure travel are not eligible for insurance through the University.  Travelers seeking international insurance and assistance coverage for personal/leisure travel are encouraged to research providers in the marketplace such as Patriot Travel Medical Insurance or HTH Worldwide Insurance, or use an insurance marketplace search platform such as SquareMouth.

Supplementary Insurance

Travelers who plan to travel internationally for non-University activities (personal/leisure travel) are always encouraged to enroll in their own international health/medical coverage. 

Travelers who are enrolled in University of Utah Group international insurance coverage for dates of University travel are eligible to extend their international insurance coverage up to 1-month before, or 1-month after, the dates of their recognized University travel.  (Instructions for extending University group coverage for up to 1-month for personal/leisure travel dates before, or after, recognized University travel can be found here.)
The University of Utah does not currently recognize any exemptions from this policy for students traveling to international locations.  All University of Utah student travelers are required to register their travel, and enroll in University of Utah International Insurance coverage regardless of any other insurance coverage they may have – including insurance possibly required by affiliate study abroad programs, providers, foreign institutions or governments (i.e. Germany, Australia).


Real-time Medical and Security travel information is available to all University of Utah travelers.

The University partners with iJET to provide country- and region-specific travel destination intelligence.  Please contact the Global Risk Manager for information about accessing the University of Utah iJET travel intelligence Portal.

For requests of official University of Utah proof-of-insurance documentation (for your time abroad) – please see the CISI Online Portal information above.

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Questions? Contact the Global Risk Manager.

Emergencies Abroad

+1 312 935 1703
+1 801 585 COPS

Last Updated: 6/12/19