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Global Learning Resources

The U strives to provide the best and most relevant education for students to successfully participate in a rapidly changing and increasingly connected global society. Therefore, it is imperative that we design curricula across all disciplines that will facilitate the development in all students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will equip them, as graduates, professionals, and citizens to fully engage in a globalized world, whether it is at a local, regional, national, or global level. The term “Global Learning” refers to systematically integrating global and intercultural learning opportunities into the curriculum through the development of global learning outcomes and assessment. Global learning also includes learning abroad experiences that are integrated into the curriculum. The focus is on teaching and student learning rather than content. OGE, in collaboration with faculty members participating in a Global Learning Faculty Group, developed the following guiding principles for global learning at the U:

Guiding Principles

The following are resources for faculty interested in developing a global learning initiative in their department or program:

Last Updated: 1/11/18