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Global Learning Across The Disciplines (GLAD) Grant

Pre-Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, February 7th, 2020

The Global Learning Across the Discipline (GLAD) Grants are made to faculty to undertake projects to integrate global learning into the curriculum. The GLAD grant provides funding up to $10,000 for teams composed of a minimum of three faculty members from one department or interdisciplinary teams from different departments or colleges. The grant funding is intended to initiate a curriculum revision process to define global learning outcomes for an academic program, design learning activities and course content that will allow students to demonstrate the outcomes, and develop an assessment process to determine whether students are achieving the outcomes. For the purpose of this initiative, global learning is defined “as the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students acquire through a variety of experiences that enable them to understand world cultures and events; analyze global systems; appreciate cultural differences; and apply this knowledge and appreciation to their lives as citizens and workers” (*Olson, Green and Hill, 2006).


For complete GLAD grant guidelines, download the following instructions:

GLAD Grant Guidelines

Examples of pre-proposal applications:

Pre-proposal Example

Examples of completed applications:

Examples here



Prepare a one-page outline of the project and on a separate page indicate your and your team’s names, titles, and department as well as your contact information.

Send the pre-proposal via e-mail attachment to Madelyn Giron in OGE at


If your preproposal is selected, you will be notified to complete step II. Download and prepare the application form. After completing the application form, return to this page and complete the following fields:

Grant Applicant Contact Information:
*Indicates a required field.


Following the completion of a funded GLAD grant, a follow-up report must be submitted.

Download the final report from and email completed to

For any questions or more information, please contact Dr. Sabine C. Klahr, Associate Chief Global Officer, Office for Global Engagement, at or 801-587-8888.

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