Global Learning Across The Disciplines (GLAD) Grant

Global Learning Across The Disciplines (GLAD) Grant

The Global Learning Across the Disciplines (GLAD) Grants are awarded to faculty undertaking curriculum revision projects that integrate global learning into individual courses and/or across entire programs of study. A GLAD grant provides funding up to $2,500 for individual faculty who plan to revise one or more courses or develop a new course and up to $10,000 for faculty teams who plan to revise an entire program of study to integrate global learning outcomes, activities, and assessment. For the latter, teams must be composed of a minimum of three faculty members from one department or can be a multi-disciplinary team, if the program of study is interdisciplinary. The grant funding is intended to support faculty development focused on global learning (attending conferences, inviting a workshop presenter, etc.), can be used for faculty summer stipends to work on the curriculum revision and other activities that will result in sustainable curriculum change.

The project must include:

  • developing global and intercultural learning outcomes for a course or program of study
  • designing learning activities and course content that will allow students to demonstrate the outcomes
  • establishing an assessment process to determine whether students are achieving the outcomes

The funding may be used to develop collaborative online international learning (COIL)/virtual exchange courses. Information on COIL/virtual exchange can be found here.

At the University of Utah, we define Global Learning as:

Global Learning is a process focused on students applying their diverse perspectives to collaboratively analyze and address complex issues, in local and global communities, that transcend borders. The goal is to prepare students to engage with and effectively contribute to addressing the grand challenges facing humanity and the planet that must be solved via worldwide collaboration.

The University has identified the following general global learning outcomes that can be adapted in any academic discipline and for any course:

  • Develop Knowledge and Understanding: Students gain awareness and knowledge of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, the connections between them, and the multiple viewpoints around these issues.
  • Shift Perspectives: Students experience a shift in their personal perspectives, empathy, and understanding of their own identity as they collaborate with others to investigate and address issues pertaining to cultural complexities, environmental sustainability, geopolitical interdependence, inequities, and other topics with local and global implications.
  • Actively Engage: Students apply their understanding of our interconnected world, their diverse perspectives, and their expanded awareness of self to collaboratively engage with others to address community needs and contribute to developing equitable and sustainable solutions.

Therefore, the goal of the GLAD grants is not simply adding international content, but rather to add learning outcomes and design class activities that allow students to demonstrate these outcomes.

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Final Reports

Following the completion of a funded GLAD grant, a follow-up report must be submitted.

Download the GLAD final report form and email completed to

For any questions or more information, please contact Dr. Brian Gibson, Chief Global Officer, Office for Global Engagement, at or 801-587-8888.

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