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Bios of Utah students at the Oxford seminar, March 19-25, 2016

Katie Houser

Katie Houser is a third-year student at the University of Utah pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Global Health, a Bachelor of Science in Health, Society, and Policy, and a minor in French. Her interest in international human rights was sparked after working in a rural community in Kenya when she was 15-years-old. After working with small, developing communities in Vietnam and Peru the following summers, Katie took interest to the intersection of universal human rights and individual identity. She is applying to JD programs in the fall, specifically programs emphasizing in ‘Law and Social Change,’ and hopes to practice international human rights law after finishing school. 

Lisa Homel

I am a senior at the University of Utah and am studying to receive degrees in Political Science with an emphasis in International Politics and International Studies with an emphasis in European Studies and I am minoring in History. I have fulfilled my language requirement by studying Russian and have earned an Honors Certificate. I have interned in Washington, DC for the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and I completed a traineeship for the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. I am interested in human rights, foreign security, and armed interventions and I have experience raising funds and awareness for a UNICEF Campaign seeking to eradicate global poverty. After graduating from the University of Utah, I intend to study International Law in Europe. Ultimately, my goal is to have a career with the European Union, U.S. Foreign Service, or United Nations.

David Jaffa

David Jaffa holds a BA in Political Science from Brigham Young University and is currently a second year law student at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. David's studies have focused on global justice in armed conflict. Specifically, he wrote his seminar paper on the law of armed conflict and its shortcomings in addressing non-state actors. David is honored to be selected as one of the students to attend the workshop and hopes to apply what he learns as he advocates for policy changes regarding United States foreign policy.

Kaitlyn Klein

I am a Peace & Conflict and Asian Studies major who has recently been accepted to Peace Corps, Ukraine to teach English. I am specifically interested in Human Rights within refugee camps, the variety of law and order that exists. I am interested in women's rights in and after conflict as rape is often used to show power over groups of people and what types of recovery could be in place for people who have experienced this. My own special interest is in reconciliation and how countries and people recover from and work to move past human right violations and conflict.

Dalton Edwards

Dalton is a student at the University of Utah studying English and Film. He has interned at the Utah State Legislature and for the International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City. At the IRC, he had the opportunity to work closely with newly placed refugees, helping them find and maintain work. He’s been published in the Hinckley Journal of Politics and considers his year as a Hinckley Ambassador one of his most rewarding. Following his undergrad he hopes to either join the Peace Corps or teach abroad as a Fulbright Scholar. In his free time, he co-edits and writes for the Opinion section of the university newspaper and coaches speech & debate at his old high school. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Nathaniel Goodhue

Nathaniel Goodhue has worked two and half years as hydrogeologist for WSP USA Inc., an environmental consultant focused on investigation and remediation services for companies around the world.  Prior to joining WSP, Nathaniel was working as a field geophysicist with Zonge International Inc.  His professional experience to this point has exposed him to the ethical quandaries that surround corporate expansion and copper mine development.  Both are necessary for the benefit of society, but both leave irreparable damage from an environmental standpoint.  Now, in his second year of graduate school pursuing an MBA, Nathaniel is looking forward to graduation and the prospect of working for his new employer, IBM.  In Nathaniel’s free time he enjoys backcountry skiing and sailing.

Kaitie Jowers

Kaitie Jowers is a senior at the University of Utah studying political science and Russian. Her passion for human rights is deep-rooted, especially concerning women and girls. She has raised awareness about women's rights on campus and in the community through coordinating documentary screenings and participating with advocacy organizations, and created a presentation about violence against women while doing an internship with a NGO in New Delhi, India. Kaitie currently is a Student Research Associate at the Sorenson Impact Center, which works to address complex social problems through innovative solutions. Kaitie has also completed internships with Yeah Samake's Malian presidential campaign and the Governor's Office of Economic Development. She recently returned from an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Moscow, Russia. Kaitie enjoys swimming, running, reading, and traveling.

Tim Lindgren

Westminster College

Originally from Sweden, I am a pursuing a customized major in Global Studies and am an Honors student at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. I am employed as Teaching and Research Assistant for the Political Science department at Westminster College, and am employed as a legal assistant within environmental law for a law firm in Sweden. Most of my work occurs within critical International Relations and Global Studies often framed by political ecology, decolonial theories, feminist ecology, post-development, socio-ecological justice, and indigenous studies. I have presented co-authored papers at the PEWS conference in Berlin and at the GSA conference in Toledo, OH. I have been published in The Myriad and Perspectives on Global Development and Technology (PGDT), and am undergoing review by the Journal of World-Systems Research (JWSR). The first of these articles discusses various aspects of the global economic system as responsible for erosion of social-ecological reproduction. The latter two articles critically discuss aspects of the global hegemonic civilization that are ecologically unsustainable and socially stratifying causing a planetary crisis and increasing geopolitical tensions. Further, I am the co-founder and organizer of the Global Crises and Global Change Undergraduate Conference to be held at Westminster College in the spring of 2016. I have experience as Research Assistant within Political Philosophy and History. As for a fun fact, I have competed professionally in World Cup and European Cup in alpine skiing for 6 years previously to my time at Westminster College.

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